Rolex has designed so many replica watches with similar cases

Rolex is a very strange brand! People who don't know anything about watches like replica Rolex, but those who know a little about replica watches think that replica Rolex is too bad. However, if you pass the first stage and have a deeper understanding, most players will appreciate the brand with the crown logo.

The main reason for this is that replica Rolex has designed so many watches with similar cases, there is not much difference. Therefore, people who know something about watches at the beginning will judge it to be a lazy and uncreative brand. But as mentioned above, when we dig deeper, we know that the replica Rolex case is only responsible for protecting the movement and dial-these two details that best represent the essence of the brand. In this article, Garbo Luxury will temporarily ignore factors related to the instrument. We will pay more attention to the dial and interesting things related to the surface of the replica Rolex watch.

For modern watches, the dial background is always made of pure gold. The gold material has strong oxidation resistance, is not too hard, and is easy to complete. After the dial is roughened, it will be further decorated in different ways to create the correct tone. For example, for a smooth dial, Rolex will use a lacquered, shiny or brushed dial, and Replica Rolex will use PVD plating.

In addition to the pure gold dial, replica Rolex also has versions that use natural materials, such as stones, inlaid pearls or meteorites. These materials must also be treated with chemicals to help clear the lines and leave a deeper impression. There is also a dial with diamonds, but this is not the most obvious feature of the brand.