Why Rolex replica Watches Are So Wanted

When it comes to replica watches making, it is the object of desire par excellence. In 2018 alone it broke a series of records such as that of the highest figure ever paid for a Sea Dweller model (over 700,000 Swiss francs from Phillips for the "Single Red" Ref. 1665 prototype in steel without helium valve). Ok: but what is it that makes a replica Rolex so special?

Not just steel, but Oystersteel steel, part of those super alloys that find their main application in sectors with high technological content, in the aerospace and chemical industries, characterized by high performance and a unique shine. Not the classic bear gold, but Everose, a replica Rolex patented alloy that owes its characteristic pink hue to its composition. replica Rolex "returns to its origins" and rethinks, improving it, every single component of the replica watches, starting right from the performance of the materials with which it is made.

Like the Perpetual rotor, developed and patented by replica Rolex in 1931, the fundamental mechanism of all Oyster watches as well as the signature of the crown house, capturing the energy generated by the slightest gesture of the wrist Replica watches, this automatic winding system gives life to the movement so that his beats never cease. But there are many innovations introduced over the years, all aimed at ensuring maximum precision and reliability: such as the Parachrom spiral or the Syloxi spiral.

In 2015 replica Rolex introduced the Superlative Chronometer certification, applied to all the brand's watches. To obtain it, each finished fake watches must successfully pass a series of tests conducted by replica Rolex in its laboratories, in addition to the official movement certification issued by the Cosc (Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomères). The tests concern the fake watch as a whole, with the built-in movement, ensuring its superlative performance on the wrist in terms of precision, waterproof automatic winding and autonomy.

Each replica watch has its own history, the replica Rolex often have stories related to very famous names: from Paul Newman (whose Daytona was auctioned in 2017, surpassing all previous records of figures never paid for a replica Panerai watches) to tennis player Roger Federer , Swiss Made talent as the home of the crown.